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I think that God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability...

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Saturday, October 30th, 2004
11:59 am - Okay, this is it-
One of my last entries in this journal. ^__^ I have a new username (elluithauren), and I'll be posting there from now on. o.O It looks very icky at the moment, but I'm waiting for Liz to help me with that. :D

I believe I've friended everyone- now all I have to do is leave and rejoin the communities I'm in. Whee.


current mood: excited

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Friday, October 22nd, 2004
9:17 pm - All righty:
I've decided I want to learn Elvish. Seriously.

The only problem is, I don't really think I'd be capable of doing it myself, with the online lessons lots of respectable sites offer. I mean, they are so well made and informative, but I just *don't* think I could do it on my own. My God, I can't learn Spanish on my own, let alone such a rich, beautiful language like Elvish. That reminds me- would it be better to learn Quenya or Sindarin? Both are SO beautiful and mystical to me, but is there one that's easier? Because I'm gonna choose that one, you know. XD!

I read somewhere about a college course where you learn the history of Tolkien's languages, and learn to fluently speak Elvish, Dwarvish and Orcish. o_completely</i> LOTR-related, I cannot wait until the ROTK: EE comes out. So. Excited. OMG. 250 minutes of film! Makes me ssooooo hhaaappppppppyyyy... XD! But, at the same time, I'm almost dreading it. Because that means it's over- truly, and finally over. ;_; And I don't want that to happen- because, lord I don't really care how cheesy this sounds, Lord of the Rings changed my life. Basically all of my online friends, I met through an LOTR message board, and it was through LOTR fanart that I discovered how much I really love to draw. Plus, the movies and the books have moved me in ways that... are just impossible to articulate. It will be a very sad ending to the best journey that these fans have ever chosen to take. Sigh.

Okay, where the hell did that come from? XD All the sudden I got very melancholy/wistful. Heh.

I've been reading Animal Farm for English. Sadly, it isn't a challenge at ALL to me, so I'm kind of mad I picked it, seeing as I have to do a project on it and all. But oh well, at least I won't have to struggle while I journal it or anything. Heh. I should read 1984; it looks quirky.

Well, I'm going to go watch Kill Bill v. 2 now. I mean, the movies, in my opinion, aren't groundbreaking, but they hold my interest. They're quirky. ^_^ And that's a nice distraction.


current mood: contemplative

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
6:15 pm - My God...
John Stevens is gorgeous. Incredible. *_* http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v136/staplerinjelle/PublicityphotoNewOrleans.jpg
I mean, look at that! Jesus. You cannot tell me he is not gorgeous- and I don't just mean handsome. He's like, beautiful. LOL, I sound a liiiiiittle strange at the moment, but I don't care! >.>
It never really hit me until today. And to think, I met him... X) Heh. Sorry, I'm just all swoony/melting at the moment. What a wonderful thing to come home to. :D I'ma shut up now.

I'm going to have to record Lost tonight, as I am going to Ignite. No idea whether I'll like it or not, but whatever, might as well try it. Lots of friends will be there too, so it can't be that bad.

Damn. I never receive any emails anymore, except for junk. >_< How depressing is that? Speaking of email, I read some really old ones that Julia and I exchanged about, oh, what, 3 years ago? God, I was such a little weirdo then. XD I used a lot of Brit slang (of course, there's nothing wrong with that) but I was so whiny and annoying. Yeesh. Have you ever videotaped yourself, or recorded a conversation before? It's shocking how many "like" and "ums" people use. Of course, I'm included with those people. Gotta try and improve that.

Damn, The Vampire Lestat is such a good book. O_O Such slashy thoughts about him and Nicolas. (I'm not very far, so I suspect that Nicolas won't be coming back after Lestat was taken by Magnus, but you never know. Lestat came back from the dead about 4 times in IWTV) Of course, I have slashy thoughts about him and Louis all the time. >.> Hee. But how could you *not*? And Sam, you will be happy to know that I've borrowed The Hitchhikers' Guide To the Galaxy from the library. And I actually mean to read it. Woot.

Well, off to study for that English test that TehEbilBotens is giving!


current mood: giggly

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
11:18 am
The Bistro (a local restaraunt) has the best desserts ever. EVER. Period. XD But really, their creme brulee? So good. Mmmmm. o.o

Mean Girls was so funny! I watched it on Saturday at Chelsea's. It was just ironic how Cady turned into a psycho slutbitchwhore like the other Plastics. And Aaron? Was so stupid! I don't understand why someone as smart as Cady would like him! AHHHHHHHHH! Just because he's handsome... yeesh. But regardless, I still liked the movie. It was decidedly sharper than most teen movies. ^_^

I hope we are watching ROTK in Spanish, because that would rock. XD Because right now, we are watching Scooby Doo. *cringe* And ROTK makes me a happy individual! :3


current mood: bored

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
6:05 pm - Giggling in English, Clay Aiken and Ignite!
Heh, today, in English, I was thinkingn about Ignite!, which is a thing that the local Christian church has, so then it got me thinking about some comments I made in my LJ, and I got this f*cking hilarious mental image of Mrs. Botens running into the room with her pants on fire. XD! I was doing everything, biting my lip, pinching myself, just to stop myself from completely laughing my ass off. Trek, who sits next to me, looked at me several times, and a while later I had to explain that she reminded me of something really funny. Believe me, if you people even *knew* all the inside jokes we have about our school, you'd be laughing your asses off all day, at school. Hee! I think at least a dozen of our teachers, and former teachers have jokes about them.

I may just go to Ignite! tonight. Nothing better to do. Plus, Chelsea and Mark will be there! XD They are just waiting to get together, I swear. *pushes them together* >:D

In other news, I got my school ID card (finally). My lord, my photo actually isn't that bad! *gasp* Can it be?! XD School pictures never turn out well for me, heh.

"Sniggle ho ho!" WOO YEAH! o.o;; Sorry.


current mood: amused

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Monday, October 11th, 2004
10:52 am - Just random things, heh.
Sigh. I'm so happy I don't have school today. I'll have more time to work on my sketches for Studio Art! o__

current mood: quixotic

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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
9:02 pm - I just have one thing to say-
Princess Mononoke rocks. A LOT. Just... wow.

In other news, I've found that Kalan, the winner of Canadian Idol, looks like a beautiful woman. And sushi_denim and I agree that he would make a nice drag queen. Heh.


current mood: enthralled

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3:15 pm
Okay, MediaPlay? Rocks. *glomps all the employees there* Seriously, Robby, Mom and I went shopping there today, and it just about blew my socks off. They have the biggest selection of anime/manga/merchandise that I've ever seen. XD It made me so HAPPY! Heh.

This is what I bought:

- Princess Mononoke, on DVD. I cannot wait to watch it!
- POCKY! OMG! *tear* I'm so happy! I've wanted some for so long. Aiiiieeewheee! Two boxes of strawberry flavoured Pocky. Sohappy. Heh.
- These uber, uber-cute little Japanese cookies, that are shaped like little mushrooms, heh. The packaging? So cute. :3

I was planning on getting Vampire Hunter D, but Mom didn't appreciate the fact that it contained "extreme violence and nudity". Sigh. Sometime later, I guess. Hee! They even had Inuyasha t-shirts. I saw a Cowboy Bebop one too! I seriously considered getting it, until I discovered I wouldn't have enough money for anything else... >.> Stupid over-pricing. Anime is so expensive- it's really surprising.

Robby got America: the Book. So strange... the back cover has some goofy, fake praise for it. Like, this one:

"Cruelly wrestled from the hands of my ancestors or not, AMERICA makes a great read!" ~Chief Standing Ox, Navajo Nation.

o_O The Daily Show scares me- not to say it isn't clever or funny. It is. But strange, very strange.

My Dad also gave me the new Series of Unfortunate Events novel! ^.^ I'm so happy! I didn't even ask for it- it was a very sweet thing to do. I liked that very superly cute happened in it, but I will not reveal what. >.> Heh. The movie version looks great- and OMG, Jude Law is the narator! How wonderful is that?

I'm off to hide the Pocky that I still have left, seeing as I ate almost one whole box already. O_O It's scarily addictive.


current mood: happy

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Friday, October 8th, 2004
11:45 pm
I'm a little confused here- because, how exactly does this audblog thing work? I dialed the number, and recorded the message. Yet nothing is posting. o_O Sigh. Am so technologically challenged.

In other news, I've come up with a most devious plot line for an, um, interesting TehCryan ficlet. Hee. >.> ANYWAY...

I just felt like being random. Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend. :D


current mood: random ^_^

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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
4:48 pm - Grades, Mark, and other randomness...
I just got my progress report. Wheeee! I'm pretty happy with it- here's how it was:

English 9- 96 >_< I still hate English. But oh well, at least I'm doing all right! :D

Global- 99 Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Global is far too easy, but Mr. Schmidt rocks. And his name is Karl! Hee! XD!

Math A- 89 MEM is evil. That is all. At least I don't have a 79 like last year. o_O See, I was in Math A last year, for about five weeks, because I opted to have the "advanced" option my 8th grade year. Let's just say it didn't work out that well. :P

Earth Science- 75. Ach! I've failed both tests he's given us. It really pisses me off, but oh well. I'll just work as best as I can to get it up.

Spanish 1B- 98 Bwaha! I enjoy Mr. Sexy's class very much (yes, that is really what my friends and I call him).

Studio Art- 99 AHA! XD She even left a comment saying I display artistic talent. That, my friends, is a sign you've finally made it in her class- because Mrs. Pratt never puts that comment on report cards. I'm a happy individual at the moment. ^^

Ok, update on the OMIGODMARK situation: we have Studio Art, lunch, Global and Math together. This means lots of nice talking. Sigh. He really likes Chelsea though- he's talking to her on Sunday about "making their relationship more serious". XD Oh well! I'll just have to convince him I'm right for him. Haha XD Kidding. I'm happy for Chelsea- Mark is really cool.

Hmm.. I guess I should get started on my notecards for English. Seeing as TehEbilBotens will somehow manage to kill me, even with the obvious disadvantage of her being 6 inches shorter than me, if I don't do them.


current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
6:34 pm
Hmm. Can someone tell me how to make an entry a Memory? Because I'm still lost, basically, even though I've had my LJ for almost a year now. XD *is technologically challenged*

Sigh. School tomorrow- I dun wanna go. This week just trumped all other weeks, that I've ever had. Well, maybe not ever, but it's certainly the best of this year. Whee.

Aaaargh, I hate TehebilBotens. With a passion. Oi. She is just so.. aaach, annoying. I wish I had Mrs. Burdick for English- at least she likes me, and the work is *easy*.

Woo. I've had far too much loose fluttery energy pent up in me since the Mark/Dance incident. I gotta get it out somehow...


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Saturday, September 18th, 2004
7:33 pm - Road Kill Bar and Grill *dies*
Woot. Went shopping today, and found some very spiffy purchases. :D

- a yellow Roadkill Diner "You Kill It, We Grill It" t-shirt. AHAHAHA. XD XD (major inside joke, sorry. Liz/Julia/Chelsea know what I'm talking about. I'ma shut up now.)I'll try to get a picture of it up, if I can. Need...webcam...badly. ^^

- A Rush of Blood to the Head! WOO! Coldplay rocks so much. I'm already in love with The Scientist, it rocks so much. o.o I can't believe I lived without this album! And GPASUYF, of course, kicks major arse.

In other news, I'm going to be switching to another account very soon. I've got the name already (elluithauren), but don't visit it yet! XD It doesn't have anything in it, and it looks ugly, liek wo. My lovely friend liz_128 will help me with some overrides, won't you Liz? ^^ The reason? I never really liked this name very much, and I dunno, I'm fickle and needed a change.

So, all my wonderful LJ friends (all, what, 6 of them? XP), if elluithauren adds you to their friends list, you'll know it's me. Of course, I'll comment, because I can't expect that each and every single one will read this entry. It's possible you can skip over this anyway. ^^ I also plan on making that journal Friends Only, because I just feel like some stuff I put is too toxic (read: stupid or personal) for anyone but my friends to read. XD


current mood: content

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Thursday, September 16th, 2004
6:33 pm - >_
I didn't like today that much. It wasn't horrible, but geez, it's not been my best. Because, first:

-I failed my Earth Science test. 63. Fuuuuuuuuck. I haven't failed a test in... years. And I even studied! Sigh. This isn't good. Parents=not happy at all.

-My Math homework was graded a 75, because I forgot to identify the median, lowest/highest number, lower/upper quartile. WTF? Yes, she did tell us to, and it WAS my fault I forgot to, but to take a while one-fourth of the grade away seems a little harsh.

-Mrs. Pratt told me my shading was a little wimpy. *weeps* XD Well, she said my self-portrait was "awesome" though. Haha. Our Studio Art class is doing self-portraits right now, and, oh Lord I sound so arrogant, mine might be the best of the class. Geez, I even feel guilty about saying that. I just mean, overall. There are tons of others that are better in, say, porportions or shading, etc.

BUT- in good news, I took my Spanish quiz, and didn't have any trouble with it, so I'm expecting a good grade! :D I'm known as Lucia in Spanish, hee. Mr. Barber insisted we have Spanish names.

He rocks so much. He's always making these silly or sarcastic comments that nobody seems to get, except Chelsea and I. XD

And in other good news, I have almost all of my homework done! I have nothing except journaling for TehEbilBotens left to do. ^^


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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
7:41 am - I'm in a state of shock.
HOW did I get this lucky?

Okay, the minute school ended yesterday, Liz and I ran to my father's car, and he drove us to her house. We didn't really do much here, except scream a little bit, and do our homework. >_o HOW could they assign homework when the AI concert was last night?! XD Kidding.

On the way up, which was about 2 hours (we live 80 miles from Buffalo), we listened to a medley of AI performers and Moulin Rouge music. ^^ When we finally arrived, walking into HSBC, there was an absolutely enormous crowd of people. Mostly teenage girls. But that's OK. ^^ Deciding not to get any t-shirts/other merchandise, we got our seats, which were quite frankly, better than I expected. 17th row, slightly to the right.

As I was sitting there, Liz noticed John Stevens mother sitting about five rows ahead of us. She decided to go up and talk to her- after giving her a hug, she just said "thanks, I'm a huge JS fan" and went back to her seat. Liz's mum suggested asking her for backstage passes- by then, we had given up. But Liz went up anyway, and asked if somehow she could help us get backstage. Mrs. Stevens asked Liz to come back during intermission.

Then the show started. WOW. The Idols are so incredible- believe me, they sound almost ten times better in real life. If that's possible for some... XD With the exception of Fantasia. But anyway.

Amy began the show, singing "Knock On Wood" which was a good choice for her. I liked it, and the applause was loud. When Camille came on, she sang a sort of slow hip-hop song which was really, really great for her, but she didn't get as much applause. I really did feel bad for her.

JPL, Jennifer came next. And then.. the stage just exploded with applause and screams. John had arrived. Seeing as this was his hometown, everyone stood up and applauded. He sang "Let's Fly Away" and sounded like a younger Frank Sinatra. XD He's truly improved.

And the rest of the Idols came out, eventually. ^^ Diana sounded awesome, as usual. Grr, stupid Fantasia, though. >_< When she sang "I Believe" it literally HURT, that was how screechy her voice was. And guess what she did after each solo song she sang? SHE CRIED! @#)7&$LD()@*#*$!!!!! >_< I mean, how annoying can she be? But anyway.

Intermission came. Liz went back to Mrs. Stevens; since poor Mrs. Stevens was being mobbed by these fans, she said to Liz "Just hang on one minute". Mrs. Stevens went away to talk to some people; but when she returned... TWO BACKSTAGE PASSES! It was just incredible. I mean, she didn't even KNOW us. But she gave us her last two passes. Just.. wow. Mrs. Stevens=OMFGthebestpersonever XD

The concert resumed- now the Idols were in group performances. Ones that stood out for me were Jasmine singing "If I Ain't Got You" surprisingly well, and John/Fantasia doing this little flirtacious song together. O.o;; There was some interesting dirty dancing going on in that situation, lol. And during one group performance, LaToya bent over and kissed John! Heh. It was so cute, though. Awww. X3

When the concert ended- oh my lord. We were told to go to a specific section, and just wait. After about 10 minutes of hearing girls crying in front of us because we got passes and they didn't (sigh. It almost made you feel guilty. Almost.) Then... we were told to go to a nice kind of room, with white walls, and posters with music legends on them.

Slowly, the AI's came in. LaToya, I believe, was the first to enter. She was, of course, immediately surrounded. They managed to slip in pretty well, but I think it had something to do with the fact that there were about 60 people backstage. Oh well, it was so INCREDIBLE. The first autograph I got was Jasmine's. She is incredibly nice in real life. Next, Diana. She is SO SWEET! I got her autograph, and I got a photo with her. Of course, when they are developed, I shall post them. :3

Then... John entered. Wow. The reaction to his entry was just unforgettable. Everyone stopped, turned, and clapped/"whoooo"'d. He was very surprised, to say the least. He was immediately mobbed, so I decided just to hang around for a while. Eventually, I made my way over to him; Liz was behind me. I got his autograph, he bent down to hug me (quite hard for him; he's 6'2) and I got a photo with him. I was literally shaking after that. After that, LaToya was free, so I went over and talked with her a bit. She signed my program, and offered to be in a photo with me. Liz commented "We have 3 photographs left" and LaToya apparently thought we didn't want to use them, so she said "Oh, it's OK, you can save them". :( Aww, I wanted to be in a photo with her! LaToya is very, very short in person. Incredibly petite. So are Jasmine and Diana. They were about as tall as me. ^^ It was a very surprising thing to find out.

The last person I talked to was George. He kind of used this condescending tone with everyone he met, like we were all three years old or something. Oh well. I shook his hand, and he signed my program.

Overall- just WOW. I mean, I will truly never forget that night. NEVER. It was just so incredible. I got 5 of the Idols autographs, backstage on my FIRST CONCERT, and not to mention hugging John Stevens. He's incredibly nice in person, too. Heh.

I just can't really believe it happened. I just really can't. It was surreal.


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Monday, September 13th, 2004
4:30 pm
Wow. The AI concert is tomorrow- that is just unthinkable cool at the moment. I've been waiting five months for this. There was even a newspaper article in the local paper today.



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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
6:08 pm
Today was nice. ^^ Despite the fact that I didn't go sleep until 11, which gave me only 7 hours of sleep. *cries* OK, I just sound spoiled there. XD But I love my sleep dammit! *huggles it*

We had a weird assembly that told us thing we'd known since 6th grade, but hey, I got to miss class! Then again, Earth Science isn't too bad. Mr. Kenyon is a nice guy.

Hee. "Baldie." >.> *ahem* Anyway...

Mrs. Botens is EVIL! She's already assigned us an essay- that's due tomorrow! Ah, but it can be just one paragraph if we want it to be. Hahahahahaha:

"I'm not sure what my future holds, but I'm sure my teachers will be beside the students all the way to poke and nag- I mean, encourage them all the way. I'm sure they'll all rise up the challenge to educating a bunch of procrastinating- I mean, studying kids."

Mrs. Pratt loved my sketch. I wish I could scan it, but alas, I cannot. *kicks computer* I have to thank the TTT soundtrack for providing the inspiration though! Yay TTT! ^^

And one more thing- yesterday I said Mr. Barber was kind of cute. I lied- he is f*cking SEXY! XD!! *runs away screaming*


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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
5:03 pm - School has returned...
Well, it was my first day back today. And it wasn't too bad, really. Most of the classes seem nice enough to me, and I wasn't assigned more than 2 pieces of homework tonight! Here's how it went...Collapse )

current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, September 5th, 2004
4:42 pm
I still haven't bought my school supplies yet. This is rather foolish, seeing as I have about a day and a half left before school begins. Nobody recieved a supply list, so we have to rely on common sense this year. As if that's going to work. My guess is that half the grade will come in with nothing, simply because the list wasn't shoved in their faces in big, bold letters. Yes, that's what my grade is like. Lord almighty. I hope a couple of them failed, at least.

Well, I've decided I'll join Drama Club and the Rebel Yell. And, if it somehow works out for the HS-ers, I'll audition for the musical too. Woot! Because I have to work harder this year- my grades were merely OK, this year. I know I can do better than a 95 average.

>.> In other random news, I have a strange craving for Pocky. It's been months since my last piece. >:P


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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
11:36 am - Ooouuucchhh!!
Ow. I went to Rushford Lake with Chelsea yesterday, and while I had an absolutely fantastic time, I got a frickin' awful sunburn. The worst I've had in years. >_< Owfuck. But the aloe is helping, and hey, at least I'll get a tan out of this. (yeah, I know, not exactly the greatest thing to think)

So, I got there, and I find out that Hilary and Paul are there (Chelsea's sister, and her boyfriend). They're out in their boat, trying to teach Paul how to waterski. All goes well, until he tries to stand up. Let's just say the full moon was rising. O_O I turned, coincidently, so I only saw it for about one-fourth of a second. But Chelsea's there, sitting next to me, making noises of disgust and amusment. Heh. We went canoeing out into the lake on a surfboard. XD That was fun! Chelsea kept sliding off, for some weird reason, and we flipped several times. o_O And let me say, it's hard to climb back on something when you don't have anything to propel off of (like, say, the ground). Chelsea seemed to find me exceptionally funny, strugging to get back on, when SHE was the one who kept flipping us over! XP Then, we decided we wanted to be pulled back to their dock while on the board, and this proved to be a huge problem. Because we simply couldn't find ways for us both to stay on without either flipping in 5 seconds, or going really, really slow. So, finally, I lay flat on the board, and Chelsea hung onto the back- I had to hold the rope attached to the boat, which was very fun, if a little difficult. All went well, until we tried to turn, and at that point, massive waves thought it might be funny to smash into my face, and nearly drown me. ^^ So I let go of the rope, but the board was only about 10 feet from her dock at that point. So all was well.

When I told her I had 4 new manga books for her to read, she nearly had a heart attack. Now she's stolen 2 of them, and my Clay CD, lol. If she comes over today, like we discussed, I'll have them back, though! Bwahaha. XD Because NOTHING comes between me and my Mars! And my Paradise Kiss. And Trigun. ^^

>.> I guess that's it.


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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
7:48 pm - Very strange...
I've had a weird urge to write fanfiction lately. I have like 6 ideas for HP stories lined up, and I fully plan on writing them. Like:

- one shot, featuring Remus and Hermione. Yes, weird couple. But I lurve. ^_^ *paws Remus*
- Hermione/Draco story. Woo, they might be my favorite ship. Hermione is, of course, Head Girl. But Blaise is Head Boy (yes, boy!Blaise in this story). They meet because of him. Sparks fly- from their wands, because they are so angry with eachother. XD Hehehe... I'm a strange one.

Just for the heck of it, here are all my favorite ships: Herm/Draco, Herm/boy!Blaise (not a huge fan of femmeslash here, but if it's tasteful, it's OK), Herm/Remus, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Draco (buahaha, I LURVE). Yep. I am a very, very strange one. o.O;;

It should be good practice for English with Mrs. Botens. *shudder*

>.> I leave now, to start writing! Perhaps I'll put them up here, though they might be a bit long, and, erm, suggestive, for here. Fanfiction.net is a fair choice. Or maybe Fictionalley.org. Hmm... *contemplates both*


(Wow, I just had a useless post about fanfiction! I have completely reached the bottom of randomness. >.>)

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